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Celebrating 10 years of 1938 VBCW

What is VBCW?

VBCW or Very British Civil War is an alternative history created by messers Jones, Mortimore and Douglas and published by Solway Crafts and Miniatures.

In this scenario Edward VIII refuses to abdicate triggering a constitutional crisis which divides the nation and results in Civil war. As a result instead of going to war in Europe, the nation is facing a very British crisis.

The main players or factions are

The Edwardian Royalists- supporting King Edward

The Reactionaries-Mainly  far right organisations who are supporting Edward to further their own agenda

The Anglican League- 'Middle England' at war, traditional liberals or Conservatives who find themselves unable to support the King and his Prime Minister

The Liverpool Free State- Faced with troops trying to break strikes in the City, the Mayor declares Liverpool an Independent Free State

The Yorkist Front- The City of York declares its support not for the King but his brother Prince Albert

The Peoples' Armies- socialist groups seeking revolution rather than just reform of the monarchy and government

The Scottish Republic- angered by the imposition of paramilitaries and the activities of the King's Prime Minister, Scotland succeds from the union and declares a republic

Nationalist Independence groups- In Wales and Cornwall groups are fighting for independence of the King's government

The Albertines- The democratic parliament in exile elect Prince Albert as Lord Protector and invite him to return from self imposed exile in Canada to take all necessary means to restore order

The Red Clydesiders- Radical socialist groups in Glasgow aiming to bring about a socialist revolutionary government

The Jacobites- Angered by the failures of the Scottish Republic this group of mainly conservative highland landlords have invited Prince Ruprecht of Bavaria, last claimant to the Stuart line to raise a revolt

The League of St Andrew- the pro unionist party in Scotland seeking an alliance with Prince Albert

The Lord of the Isles- A Scandanavian aristocrat distantly related to the English Royal family revives an ancient claim on the Western Isles


One of the best things about VBCW is its creativity,  its your civil war, you can create a history in your back yard or somewhere you know well. VBCW blends local history and your imagination. Be warned its adddictive. Most people start with this thinking its a nice idea for a skirmish game, which it is, but soon enough you are not only creating the odd unit but forming companies and battalions- just because its fun!

If you want to know more about this delightfully quirky, and fun period head on over to the where a group of friendly chaps are always ready to answer any questions you may have

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