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SCM Range of 1938 A Very British Civil War books and guides

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Concise source book

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A guide to the Anglican League



Royalists and Reactionaries pt 1


Background on the southern , Royalist Army of the Severn Valley, plates by Pete Barfield

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Tank and Military vehicles

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People's Armies

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Brigadier '38

Jolly sporting wargames rules for 1938 VBCW. A set of rules designed for a Very British Civil War by Simon Douglas, playtesting by members of the Gentleman's wargames parlour and  illustrations by Pete Barfield. This set covers  composition of typical brigades, game preperation, command groups, orders, movement, firing, armoured combat, company and other tests, resolving melee, special rules, customising your forces and a detailed points chart  Brigadier 38- 

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County Forces part 1

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County Forces part 2

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North Somerset Campaign

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The Army of Prince Albert Lord Protector

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Flags Factions and Formations pt1

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Flags, Factions and Formations book 2

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Forty pages and over 120 colour flags by Pete Barfield


Armies and Enemies of the Scottish Republic

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Went the day well?

- Ook's Platoon level rules for VBCW now available 


 Went the day well?

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Erreta Went the day well

Page 12  Halfway down the right hand column you will see a piece of text beginning "Placed in contact with the Target Vehicle.......", and ending ".........must roll on the Vehicle Damage Chart."
This entire piece of text is the continuation of the Sticky Bomb rule that starts at the top of the left hand column.

Bottom right of page 15 there's a table for HMG shooting against Armoured Cars and Tankettes. The result for rolling a 6 is missing. It should read :
Vehicle hit
Roll on the Vehicle Damage Chart
with a -1 modifier to Dice Score

Sorry for that.


Tales from the Fall of the Empire,

 Part one Europe, the Middle East and Africa

This Volume, reprinting and updating material in the original fall of the Empire includes an outline of Foreign policy for the VBCW factions and world great power.

A new piece on the Central European War of September 1938

The Middle East and the second battle of the Nile

Colonial and faction rivalry in East Africa

The Curious British Expedition to Belgium

and we have included all the daring do adventures of Wynd Grator and Joshua force

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Army lists for Brigadier 38. Part two covers Scotland (5 lists), Wales (3 lists), Independent and county forces including Cornwall, Wynd Grator and the SFF  40 pages A5 format

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 Brigadier Army lists 1

40 pages a5, covering field armies of the Royalists, Anglicans, Albertines, Peoples' armies, BUF and Reactionary forces.


Painting for Wargamers Solway 2012-13 yearbook

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Abroad £6 plus £3 postage