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Celebrating 10 years of 1938 VBCW


We have had enquires from trade re Albanich and have put off making a decision For this year. I think the consensus seems to be no for this year. Going forward  I think the focus may shift from trade to games. Traditionally our show was the first chance of the year to stock up if you live north of York, and we had done well on that. Coming out of lockdown with lots of stuff painted maybe gamers are going to be looking for more chances to display their work? I don't think that would be an unhelpful development. Having played lots of fab games of TTS (to the Strongest) im pretty keen to spread the word on what a great system it is!  We have now dug out our Thirty Years War collections and are refighting some of the early battles of the period using a combo of TTS and King and Parliament- so at some point maybe White Mountain will appear at Albanich



VBCW Society

 Having relaunched, Im afraid I've not done much to follow this up, resolution for 22 to revive our contribution to all things VBCW

Id hoped to have the new book out for Christmas but its still stuck in development, Pete has agreed to do the art work which is great news 

We relaunched VBCW Society mailing list as of 3/2/20 , so if you want to get the latest news from Solway re all things VBCW send us an opting in email to

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Publishers of 1938 A Very British Civil War- An Alternative History Project

Since 2004 we have been providing a small range of products and a painting service for wargamers. We are best known for The Very British Civil War (VBCW) series of books.

Our good friend and artist Pete Barfield provides the illustrations for most of our books and a number of our model flag ranges.

We are also involved in supporting the wargaming community locally With our old friends the Dumfries Wargamers we sponsor Albanich-  The Dumfries Wargames Show in March every year.

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