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Celebrating 10 years of 1938 VBCW

Delivery Update 20th April

We are continuing to send out UK orders for as long as we have stock. The Anglican League book is for now out of print. All deliveries will be by courier until further notice and i'm afraid we are unable at present to deliver outside the UK

Thank you for your continued interest and support in these strange days.

Albanich 2020

We are sorry to announce that there will be no Albanich show this year.The Cairndale Hotel is having renovation work  and we have been unable to find an alternative suitable venue, however the show will be back in March 2021.


Plans for 2020


I am relauching the VBCW Society mailing list as of 3/2/20 , so if you want to get the latest news from Solway re all things VBCWend us an opting in email to

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We are planning some big games during the year, which we hope you might like to come along to.

For the past few years we have been very into  'To the Strongest' Starting with the Italian wars of the late 15th century it seems we are working backwards and had some fantastic games with Hohenstauffen Germans,  Aragonese, French, Normans and Lombards. We are now planning to do the Spanish vs Mooors  mini campaign in this months WSS magazine. We also hope to taking the Medieval Hordes on tour to a couple of shows and doing a game or two at Carlisle Castle

We are also looking at doing a weekend's gaming with the Siloth Model Soldier Museum in May

No forgetting VBCW...Using the TTS rules we have been experimenting with additions to enable some big fast moving battles for VBCW. The first trial games have gone well and hopefully we will bring some of our chums with big VBCW collections together later in the year for a grand event


Publishers of 1938 A Very British Civil War- An Alternative History Project

Since 2004 we have been providing a small range of products and a painting service for wargamers. We are best known for The Very British Civil War (VBCW) series of books.

Our good friend and artist Pete Barfield provides the illustrations for most of our books and a number of our model flag ranges.

We are also involved in supporting the wargaming community locally With our old friends the Dumfries Wargamers we sponsor Albanich-  The Dumfries Wargames Show in March every year.

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