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Since 2004 we have been providing a small range of products for wargamers, the range now includes painted figures, vehicles,model flags and the 1938 Very British Civil War (VBCW) series of books.Our good friend artist Pete Barfield provides illustrations for most of our books and a number of our flag ranges.

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 1938 VBCW2008-2018

The first source book was published back in December 2008 so over the year we hope to celebrate with a number of special events and publications.

Thanks very much all the support especially from the VBCW Forum, Pete and Mort- much appreciated.

The Celtic Confederacy-preview

The book will be set in 39 after the first really difficult winter of the war. The logistics of maintaining a long term war are starting to bite and its a really tough time for some of the smaller states

On the Western Fringe the independence groups in Wales and Cornwall seek allies that can keep them supplied and in the war. The result is a maritime league with the old treaty ports of Eire.

Welsh and Cornish raiders have some success coordinating operations against supply ships in the Bristol Channel, much to the anger of the Royalist garrison commander (and the King's Master of Horse)  Montfort. 

As the pressure on Bristol and the supply line to the Royalist armies increases the war intensifies' and the league finds it needs to put its own forces in the field-  The Army of the Celtic Confederacy is the born